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We are thrilled to share the exciting news that BERKS ENCORE has been chosen as our Charity of the Month for October, 2023! As a gesture of our support, for every referral we receive this month, we will donate $10 directly to this incredible organization. We take great pride in supporting Berks Encore, the leading provider of senior services and Meals on Wheels in Berks County.

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Cowboys cookies are a recipe that I get asked to make over and over again! Plus, it's the perfect after-school treat for these first few weeks of school. Or make a batch and mail them to your college student! I bet they'd love them too!

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"Do I really need life insurance?"

We get it. Life insurance might feel like an unnecessary expense that feels unimportant - especially if you're young and healthy. Do you really need life insurance?

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Your insurance agent presents you with a auto insurance quote and it's different than you expected. How did they get there? How was this price determined?

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Wondering why the replacement cost of your home from the insurance company is different than what you paid for your house? 

When it comes to insuring your home, understanding the difference between replacement cost and market value is crucial. Replacement cost refers to the amount it would take to rebuild your home from scratch, while market value refers to the price your home could sell for in its current condition.

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Insurance is something that we often take for granted, until we find ourselves in a situation where we desperately need it. Letting your insurance lapse can have dire consequences and leave you vulnerable to a range of risks.

In a hard insurance market (like we are right now), letting your insurance lapse is especially risky. Curious about what a “hard market” is? Check this out.

But first, what does it mean to let your insurance lapse?

Lapse in insurance: A period of time when you do not have insurance coverage, usually because payments were not made and/or you were dropped by your insurance company.

Here are some of our top reasons why you should never let your insurance coverage expire.

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We are excited to announce that our Charity of the Month for September, 2023 is The Rotary Club of Fleetwood! For every referral we receive this month, $10 will be donated back to this fantastic organization that gives back to the community through student scholarships, weekend backpack food assistance and global humanitarian initiatives.    

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Securing Whole Life Insurance for your child is a smart decision.

Whole Life Insurance is not just a wise investment for your child's future, but also a crucial step towards providing them with a secure and stable financial foundation.

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Jeremy's family loves this light summer meal!

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This easy Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad is a family favorite in Angelina's house!

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