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While at the local YMCA yesterday, I overheard two women conversing about IPA’s much the same as you would have expected them to converse about their favorite red wine. Has craft beer reached a saturation point? Is the craft beer apocalypse upon us? Have you noticed the proliferation of local breweries? It’s a welcome sight for a beer geek like myself!

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This is the ONE thing I make each year (my wife makes everything else) but it's the thing that gets the most rave reviews! Continue reading →

Have you heard the classic 70’s song with the opening lyrics, "time keeps on slipping into the future"? I believe it was “Fly Like An Eagle” written and performed by the Steve Miller Band. Ever since my oldest of two children turned 21 this past year, I’ve been thinking about this song quite often. It’s amazing how quickly time passes. Thinking that your children are all grown up and you'll have less time together brings about a sense of melancholy. Your family weekends will never be the same. Evenings at home are much quieter. Yes, you have more time to pursue your own hobbies, but the family of four adventure trips to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, nature hikes, concerts, and ballgames are all memories. Maybe that's good. Maybe that's the point.

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We have so many amazing local restaurants in our area that we want to celebrate, so we've asked our Blue Marsh Team, "What's Your Favorite?"! On today's blog, Steve Schappell, one of our Sr. Protection Advisors, tells us about his favorite, Grand Central Tap Room!

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