The unsettling feeling after being involved in a car accident is the worst! The fear of the unknown about where to go from here and how to begin the process to getting your vehicle repaired can feel overwhelming. No need to worry though, your protection advisor has your back! This simple process should give you some peace of mind!

First thing’s first, make sure everyone is safe. Check others who were involved, your passengers (if you have any) and yourself.

Call 911, explain where you are, and provide as much information on your location as possible. This way they can dispatch police and ambulance right away.

Make sure everyone is in a safe location. If you are in the middle of the highway or on a blind turn, if possible, move off of the road to prevent any other accidents from occurring. If you are unable to move or unable to move any vehicles from the road, turn on your hazard lights and make sure someone is alerting oncoming traffic.

While waiting for emergency responders, take note of all drivers and vehicles involved. A few items listed below will assist you for future use when reporting the claim:

  • Take down a list of all people involved (first and last names).
  • Take a photo or write down all drivers’ license numbers of the drivers involved.
  • Take a photo or write down all license plates for the vehicles involved.
  • Take a photo or note of all damages occurred to all vehicles involved.
  • Take a photo or note all drivers’ insurance information. This can be found on the ID card for the vehicles involved.
  • Ask for phone numbers of all drivers involved.

When the police and ambulance arrive, share with them all the information you may have been able to gather and state what happened regarding the accident. Ask the police for a report number - this will assist you for future use when reporting the claim.

Make sure to note where your vehicle is being taken if it needs to be towed.

Once everyone is safe and the accident is reported with the police, call your insurance agent right away!

We will assist with reporting the claim with you and walk you through the process. Pass along all of the information you obtained above. Your agent will provide you a claim number and your assigned adjuster.

Your assigned adjuster will be your main point of contact to help you get your vehicle fixed and make sure the claim is running smoothly. If you need any assistance, your agent is always there to help!

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