Have you recently gotten married? If so, congrats from the Blue Marsh Team! We wish you nothing but the best in life, and in insurance! Here are some things to consider now that you are married. 

  • Now may be the best time to get a second opinion on your insurance needs. When you get married, you will want to add your spouse to your insurance policies, whether auto, home, or your existing life insurance policy.

    Will they be driving your car or moving into your home? If so, you want to list them. That way, they're covered under your liability as well! Not to mention their “stuff” that they bring into the home needs coverage!
  • Instead of juggling two separate auto policies, combine them into one! We have found most of the time, it’s MUCH cheaper. Yes you read that right...CHEAPER! Adding on more drivers and more vehicles increases your multi-driver, multi-vehicle discounts. Also having a married status can help with lowering your premiums as well.
  • Now that you are married you may be thinking of other future milestones. New home or babies in the future? We strongly encourage to start thinking about a term life insurance policy. This will provide future protection for your new family! Contact your agent to figure out how much they would recommend!
  • Ladies, that beautiful ring you have! Did you know it can be scheduled on your homeowners or renters insurance policy for a low cost? This will provide extra protection if it is lost, stolen, a diamond misplaced etc. Usually this comes with a $0.00 deductible!

For those of you thinking about getting married, we need to talk wedding insurance. Now more than ever, having peace of mind to know that you are covered in case something were to happen to your big day is vital. Plus, most venues also require wedding insurance! 

We'd love to be apart of your happily ever after. Contact us here so we can make sure you are properly protected. 


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