If you're renting a car while on vacation, it's a good idea to take a look at your current auto policy to see how you would be protected in case of an accident. We've broken down what is usually covered and what is not usually covered for you, but it's always a good idea to talk with your agent about your specific coverage!

DOES my auto policy cover  a rental car?

If you have an auto policy, coverage for the rental vehicle can include:

Liability: Your basic liability limits will extend to you while you are driving the rental car. Whether you are needing bodily injury, uninsured, underinsured or your first party medical benefits, this will carry over to you.

Comprehensive and Collision: If you have one vehicle on your policy that carries comprehensive and collision coverage, this will also extend to the rental. No need to worry about damage to the windshield or damage if you cause an accident, your policy will back you up. If you don't have at least one vehicle on your policy that has these coverages, you may want to consult with your agent to make sure you are covered before renting the vehicle.  Your agent may recommend you add it to your policy while you are on vacation renting the car, or recommend you purchase the rental car coverage to fill in these “gaps”.

What does my auto policy NOT cover for a rental car?

Most auto policies will not cover loss or use or diminution of value to the rental car you are driving. What this  means: as you are driving the rental car, the value of that car is going down with mileage and “wear and tear”. This is where your agent may recommend purchasing a “damage waiver” from the rental company. This fills in the void for what your policy does not cover.  It will also give you peace of mind knowing you are covered better.

As your protection advisors, we always recommend purchasing the insurance offered by the rental company. You may be thinking “well didn’t you just say I was covered?”, yes - but we also want to make sure (since all policies are written differently) that you are covered as completely as possible. There is just no way for us to know exactly what the specific rental contract states, possibly leaving your exposed if something happened.  You don't want one bad day on vacation to extend well beyond your trip and be a long-term problem for weeks afterwards.

Contact us to have your agent take a closer look at your specific policy. With the knowledge that you're truly protected in case anything were to happen, you'll be able to fully relax on vacation!

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