Our Protection Advisor, Steve Schappell, had an extra-special home inspection to complete for one of our clients last week: he found himself at his childhood home. 


Steve's childhood home is now owned by Blue Marsh client, Barry Wesner. When it was time for a home inspection to be completed, Steve couldn't wait to take a walk down memory lane and tour the home that he grew up in. 


Mr. Wesner has owned the home since 1980 when he purchased it from Steve's parents. As a long-standing client of the agency, the home was first insured with Donegal Insurance in 1980 and later with Erie Insurance in 2001. 

"It was surreal walking around the house. The rooms weren't as big as I remembered as a kid, but I guess everything just seems bigger when you are little" Steve said. Steve lived in the house until he was 11 years old and the home holds many special memories for him. "Barry generously showed me the wonderful renovations he has made. It is such a neat, old house." 


When Steve lived in the house in Centerport, the town had their own post office/barber shop - a combination building because the postmaster was also a barber! "It was very much like living in Mayberry. Every family knew each other. We were always playing somewhere around town until the streetlights came on." What a magical place to grow up! 


Thank you to our client Barry Wesner for making Steve's day (and of course for your long-standing business)!

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