It is truly amazing - insurance is everywhere!

It’s even in our favorite, classic comedy films like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  In fact, it’s so far ingrained in the movie, that I’m starting to think that perhaps Monty Python was secretly trying to educate the masses on insurance!  Ok, maybe that’s stretching it, but anyway, it’s in there quite a bit and I’ll show you where.

Remember the scene where Galahad stumbles across the grail-shaped beacon above Castle Anthrax (“it’s not a very good name, is it?...”)?  Well, what were those women in the castle thinking, just flaunting the fact that they had a precious artifact in their possession? Were they trying to get it stolen?  Maybe they were just that brazen because they knew they were properly insured! Before lighting that grail-shaped beacon, they must have called up their local insurance agent and asked him for a personal articles floater on their homeowner’s policy.  Because, of course, they had a homeowner’s policy on that castle. The personal articles floater allowed them to properly cover the value of that grail so that even if some scandalous thief deprived them of it, their insurance would reimburse them so they could obtain a new grail.

How about the scene where Lancelot goes charging into the swamp castle, wounding everyone in his path (including the innocent wall-hanging) in his attempt to save who he thinks is a maiden trapped in a tower?  The King of Swamp Castle is very distressed by all the injuries and the disruption of the wedding. But perhaps if he had obtained a group health plan for his guards and other castle employees, he would not be as distressed since he would know those guards would receive proper medical care with their health plan.  And for the wedding, well, if he would have purchased an inexpensive one day event liability policy, he would have been covered for the losses suffered at the hands of Lancelot. It’s true they wouldn’t have been able to salvage the wedding that day, but at least they would recoup the money they spent on the wedding to buy huge tracts of land - which is invaluable because remember, “they live in a bloody swamp and need all the land they can get.”

Maybe it’s just me, but wasn’t it a little suspicious that Tim the Enchanter knew all about the “monster” aka the killer rabbit?  I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I believe that rabbit was Tim the Enchanter’s pet and he was just trying to distance himself from the liability he should be owning up to.  Because in case you didn’t know it, folks, animal bites fall under the realm of your homeowner’s policy. Usually it’s a dog, but I think killer rabbit would be justified in this case.  Tim knew his rabbit was a menace and with his feigned innocence he was trying to avoid a costly claim on his homeowner’s policy.

Finally, who can forget the plague village - “Bring out your dead!”?  A good long term care policy would be appropriate for the gent about to get stuffed on the cart.  It would provide the money to pay for his care while he was recovering from the plague and any other ailments in his twilight years.  Perhaps he could have really gone on that walk he wanted then. I think it would be a bad joke to suggest that maybe his young relative there was the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.  Monty Python would never go that far. We all know the benefits of a good life insurance policy - funds to help pay for the funeral service or to continue a child’s education or a family’s financial stability.  It’s peace of mind. Monty Python would never make a joke of that.

If you’d like to know more about any of these policies or whether you need them, give a call to our office and we’d be happy to go over them with you!  If you want to know more about Monty Python, don’t ask me because I am definitely no expert, just a fan :)

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