My name is Katie Sheaffer and I live in the small town of Honey Brook. I have lived here my entire life! In 2017, I purchased a home with my boyfriend, Jaime and our 5 fur babies (2 dogs and 3 cats). Our one dog, Sonny, is a happy cuddly chubby Pitbull who will be turning 5 this year. Our other dog, Sheeba, is an energetic, happy, huge Goldendoodle who will be turning 3 this year. We enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking on the weekends with our dogs, doing home renovations, and hanging out with friends. With Honey Brook being a small area, all of our family and friends live so close to home which is my favorite part. When we get some time away our favorite place in the world to go to is Outer Banks, North Carolina.


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Outside of being a homeowner, outdoor lover and pet owner, I work as a Protection Advisor here at Blue Marsh Insurance. I have been with Blue Marsh Insurance for 5 years now, first starting as a receptionist, moving into an agency assistant role and then to a Protection Advisor. In every role I have played in here at Blue Marsh, my favorite thing as an insurance agent is getting to talk to numerous people throughout the day. No single client, home, car, or situation is the same, each having their own story to tell. Any time I am able to provide the best service, coverage and price - it is so rewarding! Getting to hear a “thank you, you have made a big difference in our home”, makes the entire day for me! Of course saving money and providing coverage are very rewarding aspects of my job, but when a client is in a tough situation (like an auto accident), those can be rewarding as well. Being on the other end of the line, calming the person down, being there for them in general and making them feel safe is just another incredible part of my job.

When most people think of insurance, they tend to think of price and completely disregard coverage. During a time of need like an auto or home claim, having the best coverage to fit your needs gives you peace of mind; that is what we are here for. We try to change the way of thinking about insurance, try to better understand what you need covered, and how much coverage you should have. Having the conversation to open the doors to allow people to think about covering their family correctly is what we strive for here at Blue Marsh.

The most important thing about insurance is your coverage. Yes, having the lowest and cheapest rate as possible is great, but when you need the insurance the most is when a claim happens. What if the coverage you should have had, is not there because it was opted out for $50.00 a year cheaper? I try my best to understand each of my clients and figure out what they really need to protect their home, car and family. When shopping for insurance, ask questions, figure out what you can add on to your policy to give you that extra level of protection even if it's $2.00 a month. Understand that your agent is there for you, they are there to know all of those details, to guide you and protect you for when a claim does occur.

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