We know everyone is feeling the weight of COVID-19, whether that's in your home directly, maybe affecting your business, or even just the sadness of missing those family events that have been planned for months! 

Maybe you're feeling bored and trapped at home, feeling the stress of "homeschooling" your children, or experiencing the pressure of trying to use your time productively by getting things done around the house. We get it! It's a lot of handle.

But here's one thing your Blue Marsh team can help you with: let us try to save you some money. 

Now is the perfect time to let us review your current insurance coverage and ensure that it truly is the best fit for your family. Whether you are a current Blue Marsh customer, or are interested in checking out an independent insurance agent for the first time, we are here and ready to help! Personal, Business, Life insurance and so much more - we have access to a wide variety of carriers with a wide variety of products. 

We promise to make the process super smooth for you and we do all of the hard work! We'll give you a second opinion on your insurance coverage (if you have too much or too little) and have multiple carriers to compare pricing and coverage to fit your family’s needs. On top of that, you'll have your own agent to be there for you, know you, and save you money. Why not? Now’s the time...

Contact us today so we can give you the second opinion on your insurance that you need. Sending you warm wishes for good health! 

And if you're still bored? Check out our list of things to do while you're stuck at home!

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